Conveyor Rental

Rental Conveyors

Here at Conveyors & Equipment we rent conveyors out to contractors and residents for excavation projects where a conveyor is more convenient than other conventional methods.

Our conveyors can be run through a window to excavate basements and are ideal for use through tight clearances, hard access areas, or for cascading one conveyor onto another to cover long distances. The conveyors run on standard 110 volt single phase power, they all feature incline style belting or cleats for high angle operation.

The following widths and lengths are available:

  • 15 in. wide X 10ft.
  • 10 in. wide X 32 ft. on portable-towable elevating carriage, elevates to 15 ft.
  • 10 in. wide X 25 ft.

Typical uses include: Dirt, gravel, sand, grain, powders, dry sludge.